13 Dic 2018

War of the Rice Balls: when Regional Rivalry helps Business

(Tempo di lettura 4 minuti) Today is the feast of Saint Lucia and, traditionally, food made with wheat (mainly pasta and bread) is off the menu and in its place rice is the order of the day. Even though I

27 Set 2017

Interview with Robert Dennis from London, business english teacher and professional translator

(Tempo di lettura 7 minuti) You probably already know my great passion for English language and culture: I have always loved reading, writing and speaking in this wonderful language, and enjoying personal and business friendships and contacts that have to

30 Giu 2017

Can you work in tourism and be competitive in the market without knowing english? Impossible!

(Tempo di lettura 3 minuti) As a great fan of the English language, I feel the urge to step on the accelerator and power ahead when the discussion at companies turns from marketing and communication to that of Business English.

Confindustria Palermo
29 Giu 2017

International Business Day: an “enlightening” seminar to help companies and professionals succeed in the global market

(Tempo di lettura 4 minuti) Spurred by the presence of friend John Peter Sloan, celebrated writer, author, actor and comedian famous in Italy for bringing to the fore the importance of English (my great passion) and the prospect of ​​getting